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Extract embeded Flash file from MS-Office documents

Found a nice code from web on how to extract .SWF file from a scrap file.
Steps on how to extract the embeded Flash File from MS-Office Documents.

1. Select and copy the embbeded flash file from the document.

2. Paste it in a folder. A scrap file will be created.

3. Paste the VBA code given below in Excel and run it. It will ask for the scrap file. Select it and click ok. The Flash will be extracted on the same path where the scrap file is.

Sub ExtractFlashFromScrapFile()

Dim tmpFileName As String
Dim FileNumber As Integer
Dim myFileId As Long
Dim MyFileLen As Long
Dim myIndex As Long
Dim swfFileLen As Long
Dim i As Long
Dim swfArr() As Byte
Dim myArr() As Byte

tmpFileName = Application.GetOpenFilename(“Select Scrap File (*.*), *.*”, , “Select Scrap File”)

If tmpFileName = “False” Then Exit Sub

myFileId = FreeFile

Open tmpFileName For Binary As #myFileId

MyFileLen = LOF(myFileId)

ReDim myArr(MyFileLen – 1)

Get myFileId, , myArr()

Close myFileId

Application.ScreenUpdating = False

i = 0

Do While i < MyFileLen

If myArr(i) = &H46 Then

If myArr(i + 1) = &H57 And myArr(i + 2) = &H53 Then
MsgBox “&H46”

swfFileLen = CLng(&H1000000) * myArr(i + 7) + CLng(&H10000) * myArr(i + 6) + CLng(&H100) * myArr(i + 5) + myArr(i + 4)

ReDim swfArr(swfFileLen – 1)

For myIndex = 0 To swfFileLen – 1
swfArr(myIndex) = myArr(i + myIndex)
Next myIndex
Exit Do

i = i + 3
End If

i = i + 1
End If


myFileId = FreeFile

tmpFileName = Left(tmpFileName, Len(tmpFileName) – 4) & “.swf”

Open tmpFileName For Binary As #myFileId

Put #myFileId, , swfArr

Close myFileId

MsgBox “Save the extracted SWF Flash as [ ” & tmpFileName & ” ]”

End Sub



December 26, 2010 - Posted by | Excel, VBA

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