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Ansca Corona SDK to develop mobile applications

Corona is a fast and easy development tool for iPhone, iPad and Android games and applications.

Corona-powered apps run at 30 or 60 fps in as little as 400k, and the graphics and animation engine fully leverages OpenGL hardware acceleration.

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Mouse Gestures in Flash

I needed to use mouse gestures to navigate between pages for an e-Learning course.

Found a very good mouse gesture framework written by David Ochmann to do that.

Other mouse gestures framework found

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SWF files get stuck when played in Flash Player 10

Came across an issue of some swf files published in Flash 8 not getting played when viewed in Flash Player 10.

When investigated further – found that this happens only with thoses SWF files which have audio in it.

Simple workaround for this is – to cut-paste the audio on a new layer and re-publish the file.

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Overview of QuestionMark Perception Tool

For one of my projects, I needed to create Assessment using QuestionMark Perception tool.

Found a nice article on this tool.

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Actionscript Bridge

Found nice ariticle on how two way communcation can be made possible between AS2 and AS3
SWFBridge: Easier AS3 to AS2 Communication
ActionScript Bridge

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Good sites to learn AS3

goto and play
pixel 2 life
flash perfection
flash explained
warm forest flash
republic of code

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Macro to convert String into Array

Option Explicit
Sub ConvertStringToArray()
Dim media_str As String
Dim media() As String
Dim mediaLen As Long
Dim m As Long
media_str = "abc.wav , xyz.wmv , efg.jpg"
media() = Split(media_str, ",")
mediaLen = UBound(media)
For m = 0 To mediaLen
MsgBox media(m)
Next m
End Sub

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Macro to import notes from PowerPoint into Word

I needed to export only the notes from PowerPoint into Word. In PowerPoint 2003, we can use “File – send to – MS Office Word” to export the PowerPoint as Word. But faced two issues with this
1. There is no option to only export notes section
2. The bullet formatting of the notes section is lost at the time of export. This issue has been resloved in MS Office 2007.

Wrote my own macro in Word which will only import the notes section from PowerPoint into Word and also retain the bullet formatting given in PowerPoint.

Option Explicit
Sub ImportNotes()

Dim oDoc As Document
Dim docPath As String
Dim oTable As Table
Dim oRow As Row
Dim ppApp As PowerPoint.Application
Dim ppPres As PowerPoint.Presentation
Dim ppFileName As String
Dim ppFilePath As String
Dim oSlides As Slides
Dim oSlide As Slide
Dim oShape As Shape
Set oDoc = ActiveDocument
Set oTable = oDoc.Tables(1)
docPath = oDoc.Path
ppFileName = "notes.ppt"
ppFilePath = docPath & "\" & ppFileName
Set ppApp = CreateObject("PowerPoint.Application")
ppApp.Visible = True
Set ppPres = ppApp.Presentations.Open(ppFilePath)
Set oSlides = ppPres.Slides
For Each oSlide In oSlides
Set oRow = oTable.Rows(oTable.Rows.Count)
oRow.Cells(1).Range.Text = "slide " & oSlide.SlideIndex
oRow.Cells(2).Range.PasteSpecial ppPasteRTF
Next oSlide
End Sub

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Macro to import colored JPEG image as greyscale into Word

Following is the vba code to import JPEG image into word and then covert it into greyscale

Option Explicit
Sub ImportImageIntoWord()
Dim oDoc As Document
Dim docPath As String
Dim imgName As String
Dim imgPath As String
Dim wdInlineImage As InlineShape
Set oDoc = ActiveDocument
docPath = oDoc.path
imgName = "sunset.jpg"
imgPath = docPath & "\" & imgName
Set wdInlineImage = Selection.InlineShapes.AddPicture(imgPath, False, True)

wdInlineImage.ScaleWidth = 50
wdInlineImage.ScaleHeight = 50
wdInlineImage.PictureFormat.ColorType = msoPictureGrayscale
End Sub

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my learning

~ If you care for your Customer, Customer in return will care for you.

~ Customer, is like sand held in hand, hold it loosely with an open hand and it will stay, hold it tightly and it will slip away.

~ A temporary loss is better than a permanent one

~ If  you cannot convert bad into good, then get rid to it.

~ Good things and bad things, both have an end date.

~ In business, after who you know comes what you know.

~ To things a Company should focus on; sales and innovation.

~ When you fight with your spouse it does not matter much who wins in the end, but it matter with your Boss.

~ About experience: it talks more about the wrong choices one has made than the correct ones.

~ How much ever good work is done by sitting over a heap of garbage, that good work in the end turns into garbage.

~ If we know that we are on the wrong track and still continue walking, then we should not expect that everything will turn-out well in the end.

~To think and see clearly, the dust in our mind has to settle down first.

~Workdays are always bad, it’s because of the good wishes we receive makes the workday better.

~It easy to notice someone’s success, but difficult to notice what sacrifices have been made for it.

~God does not react, He just acts.

~Why is it that our Needs are so small and Wants so Big?

~Its better in the beginning to go slow on the road less traveled.

~There is Learning from both Good and Bad approach. Good approach brings happiness Bad approach brings suffering

~ run behind work, and money will start running behind you.

~ haste creates more waste

~ If no fear Then no improvement

~For any business relationship to grow, money matters need to be clear.

~I don’t follow Money, it follows me.

~People say Life is short – its true for those who know very little about Life.

~In the race of educating the Mind – most people forget to educate their Heart.

~All problems big and small ones, have simple solutions.

~Simple solutions take sometime to surface

~Take good care of your Customers, for job exists because of them.

~Knowledge comes disguised as a Problem

~Team work happens when team wants it to happen.

~When working with difficult people – always focus on their good qualities.

~People with Money will be always short of Happiness and

People with Happiness will be always short of Money

~Instead of focusing on what we want to give to the client, focus on what client needs from us.

~When a Problem looks big and scary – check what you are focusing on – The Problem or the Shadow of the Problem. Most of the time its the 2nd one.

~ One needs professional related problems to forget (for sometime) personal related problems.

~ Don’t worry about the results, Just do your best.

~ Many people say that Life is difficult. Fact is – Life is simple – its we who don’t want to keep it that way.

~ One can find a Solution to the Problem – only if he accepts the Problem.

~ I don’t want to earn just Money – I want to earn Quality Money

~ Why is the Nature so strong in every way – and why we being part of the Nature – are not as strong as Nature?

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