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~ If you care for your Customer, Customer in return will care for you.

~ Customer, is like sand held in hand, hold it loosely with an open hand and it will stay, hold it tightly and it will slip away.

~ A temporary loss is better than a permanent one

~ If  you cannot convert bad into good, then get rid to it.

~ Good things and bad things, both have an end date.

~ In business, after who you know comes what you know.

~ To things a Company should focus on; sales and innovation.

~ When you fight with your spouse it does not matter much who wins in the end, but it matter with your Boss.

~ About experience: it talks more about the wrong choices one has made than the correct ones.

~ How much ever good work is done by sitting over a heap of garbage, that good work in the end turns into garbage.

~ If we know that we are on the wrong track and still continue walking, then we should not expect that everything will turn-out well in the end.

~To think and see clearly, the dust in our mind has to settle down first.

~Workdays are always bad, it’s because of the good wishes we receive makes the workday better.

~It easy to notice someone’s success, but difficult to notice what sacrifices have been made for it.

~God does not react, He just acts.

~Why is it that our Needs are so small and Wants so Big?

~Its better in the beginning to go slow on the road less traveled.

~There is Learning from both Good and Bad approach. Good approach brings happiness Bad approach brings suffering

~ run behind work, and money will start running behind you.

~ haste creates more waste

~ If no fear Then no improvement

~For any business relationship to grow, money matters need to be clear.

~I don’t follow Money, it follows me.

~People say Life is short – its true for those who know very little about Life.

~In the race of educating the Mind – most people forget to educate their Heart.

~All problems big and small ones, have simple solutions.

~Simple solutions take sometime to surface

~Take good care of your Customers, for job exists because of them.

~Knowledge comes disguised as a Problem

~Team work happens when team wants it to happen.

~When working with difficult people – always focus on their good qualities.

~People with Money will be always short of Happiness and

People with Happiness will be always short of Money

~Instead of focusing on what we want to give to the client, focus on what client needs from us.

~When a Problem looks big and scary – check what you are focusing on – The Problem or the Shadow of the Problem. Most of the time its the 2nd one.

~ One needs professional related problems to forget (for sometime) personal related problems.

~ Don’t worry about the results, Just do your best.

~ Many people say that Life is difficult. Fact is – Life is simple – its we who don’t want to keep it that way.

~ One can find a Solution to the Problem – only if he accepts the Problem.

~ I don’t want to earn just Money – I want to earn Quality Money

~ Why is the Nature so strong in every way – and why we being part of the Nature – are not as strong as Nature?


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