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Exclude weekends from planned dates in Excel

Learnt something new today while working with excel. Details are given below.

To create a detailed project plan.

While working on creating project plan in excel had to constantly refer the calendar to avoid adding the weekend/holidays into the plan. Also this task become cumbersome when the plan gets changed/updated.

Use the in-build excel function WORKDAY

What do WORKDAY function do?
Use this function to calculate a past or future date based on a starting date and a specified number of days.
The function excludes weekends and holidays and can therefore be used to calculate end/delivery dates.


For the WORKDAY function to work, the “Analysis ToolPak” add-in needs to be installed and should be active. To activate the add-in, go to Developer tab –> click on the “Add-ins” button –> tick the “Analysis ToolPak” checkbox –> click ok.


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Making Fiddler Web Debugger work with localhost

When you want Fiddler to track your localhost say


just add a dot (.) after localhost


and Fiddler will start logging the communcation between the computer and localhost.

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