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Adobe Flash Player 11 Video Playback issue

After installing Flash Player 11 – we noticed that audio with-in the FLV video was not playing smoothly.

Here are following solutions

Solution 1

  1. If learner has on his machine RealPlayer application installed , then upgrade it to the latest version.
    solution1  did not work for me

 Solution 2 : if updating the RealPlayer does not solve the issue then

  1. Uninstall the Flash Player 11 and
  2. Install the Flash Player 10.3 version.
    solution2 worked for me

Solution 3:

  1. Install the latest Flash Player (11.3.300.271) released by Adobe.
    solution3 worked for me

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New Features of Adobe Flash 11.3 Player

Following are some of the new features provided by Adobe Flash 11.3 player

1. Keyboard input in fullscreen mode
as code

stage.displayState = StageDisplayState.FULL_SCREEN_INTERACTIVE;

parameter code which needs to into the HTML page

<param name=”allowFullScreenInteractive” value=”true” />


2. right click mouse event
now on clicking right click – the flash menu can be blocked by adding this mouse event.

stage.addEventListener(MouseEvent.RIGHT_CLICK, function(e:Event){});


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Gaming Frameworks for Flash AS3

Here are some Flash Framework in AS3 available for gaming purpose – Fixel, Push Button Engine and FlashPunk.

follow the links below to learn more

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MoleHill – 3D APIs for Adobe Flash Player

Adobe announced the long-awaited public release of the Molehill API that’s able to use the hardware resources to render 3D objects on its Flash player. The existing Flash-based 3D engines available utilize the CPU and memory cycles of the computer, something that limited the total number vertices that can be shown inside the Flash player. With the Molehill API, 3D Flash engines like Alternativa3D, Flare3D, Away3D, Sophie3D, Yogurt3D, and others will be able to generate more realistic and more robust 3D graphics.

Click here to learn more…

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Actionscript Bridge

Found nice ariticle on how two way communcation can be made possible between AS2 and AS3
SWFBridge: Easier AS3 to AS2 Communication
ActionScript Bridge

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Good sites to learn AS3

goto and play
pixel 2 life
flash perfection
flash explained
warm forest flash
republic of code

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