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Extract text from image

Nice online tool to extract the text from an image


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Normalise Audio/MP3 Files

After the audios are received from the audio artist, the most common issue which one comes across, is the difference in audio levels in multiple audio files.

This is something which is manually corrected using audio editing tools.

While doing RnD on how we can address this type of issues and reduce the manual effort involved, came across a tool called MP3Gain which addresses this issue without any quality loss.

The MP3Gain tool can be downloaded from the following link


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Google HTML5 plug-in for Internet Explorer 6, 7 & 8

By installing the “Google Chrome Frame” plugin for IE, the browser would be able to render pages which have been developed in HTML5.

The plugin can be installed from following link for IE

For testing purpose:

Visit this HTML5 website in IE browser before and after installing the plugin. (or any other html5 website)

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Making Fiddler Web Debugger work with localhost

When you want Fiddler to track your localhost say


just add a dot (.) after localhost


and Fiddler will start logging the communcation between the computer and localhost.

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Mirosoft Windows Text Editors

Here is a link which gives complete list of text editors available for windows

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Overview of QuestionMark Perception Tool

For one of my projects, I needed to create Assessment using QuestionMark Perception tool.

Found a nice article on this tool.

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